Reiki vom Aegis
CD, BH, SchH3, Brevet
Reiki is proving himself to be the dog that can do it all. Smart, competitive, loves food, ball and tug, non dog aggressive, able to discern a threat yet still safe in public.

Reiki shows what a true German Shepherd is capable of. He won the Malinois National Championship Schutzhund 1 in September 2008, the DVG Sch 2 Nationals in June 2009, and placed 5th in the Sch 3's at the 2010 AWDF Championship in Indianapolis. In between Schutzhund trials, he obtained his French Ring 1 level and is now (winter 2010) in training for Ring 2. When we have a couple weekends off, he shows in the AKC trial ring, polishing off his Companion Dog title in fine style and so far has one leg of his CDX under his belt.

Reiki lives in the house with 4 other dogs and a cat and is first and foremost my companion. I have trained him with mostly positive reinforcement and he is my first attempt at clicker training the vast majority of his behaviors including bite work. He is incredibly clear headed in all his life and thinks through his actions before reacting. This is a dog that loves to work, loves to learn and is a joy to teach. I am so lucky to have him.

CLICK HERE for more photos, videos, and information about Reiki!



Exchanger vom Adler Stein
Titles: BH and CD

My most athletic dog yet, Changer excells at almost everything he tries. At almost two years of age, he is discovering the joys of protection work, along with going farther than I ever dreamed in agility. Capturing everyone's attention with his prancing heeling and intense work ethic, Changer is breezing through his AKC obedience shows and looking forward to his Schutzhund trials.

Change just obtained the third leg of his CD with a score of 195.5, first place in his class and highscoring shepherd at the german shepherd specialty on May 11, 2008.

Obedience Video (Click here)


The Beauty von Grunheide
Titles: OB1

A littermate of Ender, Beauty is my realization that I train dogs because I am. Owned and loved by Russ, Karen, Sarah, and Ryan Fick, Beauty comes to my place twice a week to teach me (again) how to train an older dog. She shares her brother’s intelligence and work ethic but definitely possesses her own unique voice and personality.

In three months of training, we obtained our BH, the first level of the Schutzhund degrees and earned praise from the judge for our teamwork. Beauty currently has one leg of her AKC companion dog title (195.5 out of 200) and is also working towards a rally obedience title. I am thankful to the Fick family for letting me borrow her.



Talender von Grunheide
Titles: BH, SCH III, F.H. CDX.

Ender was literally the most affectionate and interactive German Shepherd I have ever known. A jack of all trades, like all correct GSDs, he did it all. From competing at an extremely high level in Schutzhund and AKC obedience, to performing tricks at fairs and my elementary school presentations, Ender touched hearts and caused an impression wherever he went. When he died suddenly of a twisted colon in September 2005, I was surprised and grateful for the outpouring of support and sympathy from so far and wide. “Ears up, tail wagging, happy dog” quoted the judge when Ender received a perfect obedience score of 100 points in his Sch III trial. At that trial, he also scored 97 out of 100 in protection; proving that he had what it takes in every phase. Other accomplishments included a perfect 100 points in tracking at his Sch II trial, and scores of up to 198.5 out of 200 in his AKC obedience trials. I only hope that my next dog shares as much of his heart as Ender did.



Briareus von Burgberg
Titles: Schutzhund III, AD

A 95 lb. German Shepherd, very strong and imposing. Jesse was my 1st working line German Shepherd and my 1st attempt at "channeling" a dogs natural desires and drives rather than squelching them. My new methods worked rather well and he ended up taking me to the highest levels in Schutzhund. He also added greatly to my training business with his 95 lbs of heavy breathing. People must have thought I could train all dogs if this beautiful monster did what I asked! Sadly, Jesse died early of degenerative back disease. I will always miss him. He left a lasting impression of success on my training methods.



Rudy's Shadow Dancer
Titles: Schutzhund I, AD, KK II

Shadow was Jesse's mother and my attempt to rehabilitate an older dog. Wow! She was my rescue case, 3 1/2 years old when she came to me and knew exactly what she wanted; to kill my cats, to fight my other dogs, to eat livestock, etc. She taught me more about training; what to do and not to do, than all my "blank slate" puppies combined. In the end, she made friends with the cat, though never with Ryche and died recently at age 12.



Foxfields Queensryche

Ryche, my first German Shepherd, lived to 12 1/2 years. Fresh out of college, all I wanted was a dog and to move out west. Within 2 years, I had done both. Ryche introduced me to the world of behaviorism b/c she wanted to bite anyone that acknowledged her. When leash corrections and "No, no, no," didn't work, I had to find different methods; mainly positive motivation and the sport of Schutzhund. She ruled the household till the day she died, outliving two other dogs and impressing everybody with the size of her ears.



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