Shade currently shares her home with Talic and Ones. Below are their stories.


Wolf vom Adler Stein BH

Talic is my up and coming competition dog for all the things! He checks all the boxes: clear headed in arousal, prey drive, likes conflict, small, athletic, fast, smart, and PERFECT for me at this stage in my knowledge. He’s quite a different dog than I’ve been used to in the last 15ish years, so I’ve had some hiccups in learning that in our training journey (but he’s been fine, waiting for me to get a clue!).

I cannot wait to show him off. We’re currently shooting for Schutzhund titles and he’s almost ready for his level 1. He also has a French ring foundation, so I’m looking forward to that and AKC obedience in his future.

Talic is related to Changer on both sides, and genetics are fascinating! I see his great uncle in many of Talic’s mannerisms and character traits. I only hope that I have the 14 years with T that I did with Che.


Seeker vom Schadt IPO 2, FH1

I bred Hedi vom Maulachtal to Reiki and ended up with 12 healthy puppies. (What a great mom, Hedi was!) The “number one” pup, the one that came out first, stood out from the rest from the start — first at the milk bar, first out of the whelping box, never starting a fight but certainly finishing it, Ones eventually became my pick.

In spite of picking out lots of cool names and trying them out, nothing stuck. “Number One” got shortened to “Onesie” and then later to “Ones” and here we are!

Ones’ training is entirely documented in my on line Fenzi classes. A smart motivated pup from day one, he’s been both easy and challenging to teach. Ones has been instrumental in teaching me to listen to what our dogs are telling us in the training session and how to figure out their “tells” before the behavior skills deteriorate. He’s also helped to refine the information I present in my toy skills classes and seminars. We started our Schutzhund career with a bang and in September 2016, he won the IPO 1 level at the WDSA Nationals with scores of 90/96/96 and in December he obtained his IPO 2 with 99/95/96 and HIT. We’re looking forward to our IPO 3 sometime this year and then later on in his career, hitting the AKC ring!

IPO 2: out of motion exercises
Protection IPO 1