Training for Power + Precision

Dogs who are bred to work come with extra rewards… and extra risk.

When you have a dog whose first thought under adversity is to use their teeth, clear communication is critical!

Join Shade to learn how to make clear communication a cornerstone in your training.

Watch Shade raise her latest sports prospect puppy over in her Patreon Membership program — Eye on Ion!

Learn Shade’s clear communication system from her directly in her online classes, available from FDSA!

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What My Students Say:

Shade’s Toys class totally transformed my relationship with our German Shepherd Zorro! From a pup who was entirely focused on all the smells around and chasing cars to such engaged dog who now seeks my attention! Shade taught us how to effectively communicate while having fun together!

Watching puppy Ion brightens my days and reading Shade’s posts has been such amazing learning experience! I love skills challenges that Shade set up for her patrons- with her guidance and feedback my adult dog “caught up” on so many life skills already!”

— Agnieszka

About Shade Whitesel

Shade has always been interested in all things dog. She ran a successful dog training business for 20 years before transitioning to online teaching, where she teaches mostly toy and sport skills. She got her first German Shepherd Dog fresh out of college, and is currently raising her 9th puppy. She specializes in highly motivated working lines, channeling their need to move and bite things into more appropriate actions.

Feeling overwhelmed at your first “high drive” dog? Shade can help you!

I am a huge fan of Shade’s online Heeling series through FDSA. Shade has a wonderful way of guiding and shaping every Team to impressive results. I took the entire series, including the 3 rd Class at gold, with my Weimaraner Mick as my partner. We learned so much, and many folks have since commented on his precise, flashy heelwork and his joy.

When we finally had a chance to enter in AKC Obedience, Mick completed his Novice title with scores of 198, 198 and a perfect 200! He is my 3rd dog to train in this Sport and I have never attained those monster scores before! That says a lot! Thanks Shade!!!

— Cindy Cerne

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