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Join me as I teach my newest sport puppy, Ion, in his first year with me!
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Are you overwhelmed at all the things your puppy needs to know? Did you get hooked on a particular sport and just bought/acquired your first puppy for that sport?

What about just having an active and mouthy puppy? Or, are you thinking of getting your next puppy and want to be prepared?

Do you have an older dog and want to go back and cover foundation skills so that going forward, things are easier?

What DO you need to concentrate on to make an excellent companion?

I train my German Shepherds for IGP (Schutzhund), AKC obedience and most importantly as my companion and house pet.

I love these highly motivated pups but all that biting and persistence definitely comes with it’s own unique challenges! Do you squash that biting? Ignore it? How do you channel it?

As a trainer, and in conversations with other trainers, we agree that raising these pushy puppies to be well adjusted in both their home life and sports behaviors (or any hobby type skills) is often overlooked.

So, here you are:

What we’ll cover in the group

I’m planning on covering all things puppy! What skills – ranging from routines and house training, to chewing, to meeting other dogs, walking on leash and EVERYTHING that we encounter that first year!

As Ion gets older, training sport skills will be included, but I’m putting a priority on reinforcement procedures, living happily in this world, and balance in all the things, mentally and physically.

Ion is my 9 th puppy, my 8 th GSD and I’ve also had two adult new to me dogs, so I’ve also got that older dog training perspective. Additionally, I teach online foundation classes, sports skills, etc… so I get to see the specific challenges that handlers and their dogs face in the foundation phase.

Patreon Membership

Content in this Patreon group will be a mixture of video and written discussions. I’ll post at least twice a week, (aiming for 3), and answer questions about the posted subjects.

Members can participate in the posts and ask questions but at this time, video feedback and review are not available. I’ll be posting the calendar year of 2023, from January 20th, 2023 to January 19th, 2024, mostly about Ion’s first year, with some special appearances from the other dogs.

After this year, the Patreon group may morph into something different and include all the competition dogs and their training journeys.

This is a paid group at a price of $10 a month, and you can unsubscribe at any time.