Patreon Community: Eye on Ion with Shade Whitesel

Raising a Working Line Dog Week by Week

See what Ion is up to 2X a week, starting from his first week home and continuing throughout his life and sports career.

Photo Credit: Jacelyn Young

Why Join Eye on Ion…

This page was originally formed because I felt there was a need for knowledge on how to raise a highly motivated puppy without being overly permissive or without squashing their personality. Ion is a young working line German Shepherd Dog and he comes with all the intense feelings and behaviors that a puppy of his genetics should come with.

I post 3 times a week and here are some things that we’ve already covered in the first 6 months of his life:

Crating, Management

Traveling skills

How to take food without biting my hand off!

Teaching toy play

What to do during firework season

Veterinarian visits and how to make them fun

Things that have come up like navigating stairs, staying out of the trash, not attacking the trash can (or being scared of) when I’m moving it out to the curb

What I’m sharing now

As I was keeping detailed notes on Ion’s week to week experiences, the page started to morph into more of what ALL dogs needed to survive in this world, and my thoughts and “training recipes” on common challenges like reactivity and coming inside when called.

That led to what we’re currently working on:

Down stay challenge-I'm giving feedback on videos!

Reactivity protocols

How to deal with arousal entering your skill training or life skills

Teaching Ion to swim

Updates on sport heeling

Loose leash walking

What to Expect from Eye on Ion

These posts would be helpful for anyone getting a young “puppy with big feelings” who feels overwhelmed. I’ve hashtagged everything so that if you join now and have a young puppy, you can easily click on the age hashtag (12 weeks, etc..) or skill hashtag (crating/management) to review past posts.

I’m planning on continuing with this kind of stuff and adding more along the lines of:

Sport skills

Skill challenges with Patron participation and my feedback

Recalls off of wildlife

Taking Ion running with me

Becoming an adolescent and all that entails

Beginning protection training (IGP focused)

And whatever else comes up in Ion’s life!

Introducing Talic (my 5 year old GSD) and his trial experiences as we navigate AKC obedience levels

Hope to see you soon!