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What is reinforcement in dog training?

What is reinforcement in dog training?

I’m all about the reinforcement these days.

Mine, my dogs, the people we surround ourselves with.

What is reinforcement?

Anything the dog likes. This could be swimming, sniffing, eating, tugging, chasing, access to the front yard, you name it.

Reinforcement could also be release of pressure, since relief from punishment can be very likable to the learner receiving the punishment. But I’m not talking about that in this blog post, so let’s stick to positive reinforcement for now. Social greetings, movement, control over one’s environment, those also can be considered reinforcement.

Some of it you get for free. Most dogs like food, and the type of dogs I have tend to like chasing, tugging, and just doing stuff.

But some of it you have to build…

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