She’s Sexy and They Both Know it! Overcoming Environmental Challenges

Date:May 2nd, 2024
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You know the look. The deliberate slow licking of the grass. That peculiar movement of the forehead. The chatter. The drool. DOES SOMEONE HAVE A BITCH IN SEASON? All thoughts of trialing go out of your brain as you watch your intact male dog zone in on the grass blades, or the mats, or the dirt or whatever venue you are in… Life wise: distracting smells happen as well for all dogs! I’ve got some tips! Some skills, some help for you and your dog, and hopefully some solutions so you and your dog can sniff and dismiss before entering the trial ring or recalling away from the grass spot. We’ll go over how to teach the dogs skills and concepts and what “to do” in those moments as well as what to do when nothing works and your dog stays nose down on that particular spot.

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