IPO Obedience: Sendout and Down Stay

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This class covers how to get fast speedy full-field sendouts, plus how to get a quick down out of that full run away from you. Then we change tactics and cover how to teach that long IPO down stay with the distraction of the other dog working on the field next to your dog.

We talk about different methods of adding speed to the sendout, and what fits your dog and dog’s personality. Downing at a distance, downing quickly, and downing with something else drawing the dog away are all vital parts of proofing for the down on the sendout.

In the down stay under distraction, we deal with problem solving the most common mistakes. Gun fire, moving dogs, other dogs being recalled, other dogs going for a dumbell, jumping, etc. are all distractions that need to be proofed before expecting your dog to stay for the 20 minute stay required in IPO.

This course would also be appropriate for dogs who need help on either the AKC sendout or the French ring or Mondio sendout, plus any sport that needs a long stay under distraction.

Students taking this class should have completed FE130 (Toy Play) or have strong toy play skills.   Understanding of the concept of marker cues is recommended.   Dogs should have the beginnings of a down stay.  This is an advanced topic.

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