Shaping a Fast and Furious Retrieve

Date:Oct 1st, 2023
Registration Opens:Sep 22nd

Want a strong, motivated retrieve of the dumbell and a good foundation for utility exercises? Join me as I break down how to create your reinforcement (toy skill of “switch”), and then how to create a firm hold, the end skill in the complex retrieve chain. We’ll also be covering how to create a dog that starts the action and demands the opportunity to hold the dumbell, a crucial part of achieving total “buy in” from your learner dog. Dogs are expected to have the basic skills from the toy class, “toys: developing cooperation and play” but can also use this class to teach the necessary skill of “switch”, one of the more advanced toy play skills.

This class will not be covering fronts, the dog is expected to either already have the skill, or to be able to offer a sit on a platform.

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