Strike a Pose: Fabulous Positions!

Let’s teach each position as a movement, choosing either back or front feet anchored. Let’s use luring/shaping/offering/platforms to get each change, and add the distractions of distance, handler movement and environment little by little.

And because that’s a lot of preciseness, let’s add an exploding recall in there to spice things up. (sliding into a perfect tuck sit in front of course-more preciseness!)

Crucial Concepts of Competition – Shaping, Luring, Capturing and More!

Got a new puppy? A new sport prospect for the sport of your choice? Got future plans but no idea how to start? Which behavior DO you start with? Got a pet dog and discovered how fun teaching is? Interested in training your friend more skills? New to online dog training?

Feel like you know how to shape behaviors but incredibly awkward at luring? Vise versa? Master lurer here but what is up with shaping? Don’t have a puppy but interested in cleaning up your training skills and possibly learning more?

This is the class where the human half of the team learns!

Shaping a Fast and Furious Retrieve

Want a strong, motivated retrieve of the dumbell and a good foundation for utility exercises? Join me as I break down how to create your reinforcement (toy skill of “switch”), and then how to create a firm hold, the end skill in the complex retrieve chain.

Toys – Developing Cooperation and Play

Do you have a dog that chases the ball, yet won’t bring it back? Plays keep away with toys? Tugs but won’t let go? Bites you instead of the tug? Obsesses over toys, yet won’t listen to a single thing you say? Is your dog so high in drive for toys that he can’t think? Or do you just want to channel that prey drive right from the beginning and add the attitude your dog has for tugging or chasing toys to the obedience ring?

If so, this class is for you!