Local Lessons

One-on-one private lessons in the Seattle area.

I still teach the occasional physical in person lesson! For 20 years, my main earning was physical lessons, including dog aggression, competitive obedience and pet manners. While I refer out most inquiries these days, I do like to keep myself current on dealing with aggression and all things dog, so I am open to the odd local client or two.

Online students are also welcome to inquire about physical lessons. If you are traveling from far away, I am quite happy to schedule 2-3 lessons in a row as an addition to your online learning. Videos are great, but I can’t always see everything in them and I often pick up things in physical lessons that are useful as we problem solve.

I also teach online video privates to provide additional support for online students. Students are expected to already have the lectures through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

Interested? Email me at shadesdogtraining@yahoo.com.