Seminars & Events

I present seminars on various subjects around the US. Contact me for questions!

Popular Seminar Subjects

Toy play/Marker Cues: creating a “thinking” reinforcement. Foundation for all sports.

Have a dog that you want to use tugging or chase to reinforce behaviors? Have a dog that loves to chase, but doesn’t love to bring the toy back? Have a dog with excellent toy skills but when you ask for obedience or agility skills, it all deteriorates? This seminar covers how to harness those prey instincts into a reinforcement that you can use in training. Also included is the concept of different location marker cues. This seminar is excellent for students interested in putting a solid foundation on their dog for all sports.

Tracking: IPO footstep method

Want to know how I have achieved 100 and 99 points in IPO tracking WITHOUT correction tools? Want to add precision to your AKC tracking dog? Join me as I outline the step by step process of how to teach methodical footstep tracking to your working dog. Dogs are expected to have high food drive and a motivated handler! This seminar is normally one day, added to a regular 2 day seminar on another topic.

Heeling: creating a shaped motivated heeling picture

I cover how to create the highly motivated heeling picture that I am known for using toy reward and food. Dogs and handlers are expected to have a solid operant shaping foundation, to have a dog that brings back and outs a toy with no conflict, and to be of a highly motivated personality.


Interested in how I train but don’t see a particular subject?

I’d be happy to discuss additional seminar concepts. I’m currently thinking that a seminar/workshop on structure in training sessions, how to create dogs that “push” for training, is very much needed!

Upcoming Events

It is HIGHLY recommended that you prepare yourself for the seminar by taking the relevant online class (contact the facility for information and sign up).

July 15-16, 2023: Toy Seminar
Providence, RI

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