IPO Obedience: Sendout and Down Stay

This class covers how to get fast speedy full-field sendouts, plus how to get a quick down out of that full run away from you. Then we change tactics and cover how to teach that long IPO down stay with the distraction of the other dog working on the field next to your dog. We talk about different methods of adding speed to the sendout, and what fits your dog and dog’s personality. Downing at a distance, downing quickly, and downing with something else drawing the dog away are all vital parts of proofing for the down on the sendout.

IPO Obedience – Sit Down Stand out of Motions

This course will concentrate on the sit/down and stand out of motion exercises in IPO 1-3. We will spend time on each position, exploring how to get fluency and speed in various ways like footwork, shaping and anticipation. We also cover the recall, emphasizing speed in the recall itself and preciseness in the front position, putting those 2 skills (taught in Drives and Control 2) together. Placement of reward to strengthen and maintain the positions, the stays and the recall are also explained.

IPO Tracking – Skillbuilding

This course covers introducing articles to the track, by far the most important part of tracking for the dog. We also discuss in detail how to start skipping and taking away the food rewards in the track itself.

Introduction to IPO Tracking

This course introduces the team (handler and dog) to the basics of footstep tracking.  “Footstep tracking” refers to the style of tracking where the dog must show where each and every footstep of the tracklayer fell,  leading to the highest possible scores in the sport of IPO. In addition to “footstep” tracking, IPO dogs are required to track with a “deep nose”.  This means that the dog’s nose is deep into the terrain, and the dog’s body language shows intensity and concentration throughout the track.